In Progress

I have two projects that I am working on.  They are in different stages of development.

My "Creative" Non-Fiction is finished!  I have a full manuscript, it's been edited a couple times, and I think it's time to start querying.  It's a scary stage for me, but I'm trying to be positive.

The story is about me and my life for a decade, from about 2003-2013.  It's at least, one major part of my life.  I still feel weird that I wrote something about myself.  It was an emotionally difficult time and it was often emotionally difficult to write about.  

My current novel.  I put another one I was working on aside to concentrate on it.  It's growing, flowing, without a lot of direction.  I'm going to work on an outline, more so that I remember where everyone has been.  That way I can decide where they are going. I'm loving it, whatever it turns out to be, though I hope it'll be something great.

There's always going to be random ideas that hit me and maybe they turn into a full blown project, maybe they get scribbled down and saved for later. If it becomes something serious, it'll be added here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. How exciting that your creative nonfiction (memoir?) is almost finished. :-) It sounds like you have an amazing story to tell.