Friday, June 28, 2013

The Links Sharing

Here are some links I found this week. Thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Writer's Group Break

Last night was the final Writer's Group meeting before the summer break.  I didn't know this when I signed up, but I did learn it about two months ago; the group stops meeting during July and August.  Because this is a drop-in group, attendance always varies.  In the summer months it varies even more.  A couple of years ago, they decided to stop for the summer and resume in September.  At first I was sad, and I still am a little, but I do understand.  July and August is when most people take vacation (in Canada anyway), so attendance had been spotty.  I'm wondering if my Hubby will still let me be absent two Tuesdays a month so I can write uninterrupted.  Though I plan on enjoying as much of my summer as possible, I'm looking forward to September and re-connecting with the writer's group.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Some People Said Some Stuff And Now I'm Sharing... Again

The 25 Most-Hated Books (By Book Riot Readers) - Book Riot
I've read 10 of these books and liked all of them... Though one I'm on the fence about and might need to re-read just to make up my mind.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Some People Said Some Stuff and Now I'm Sharing

Links from the week:

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So How's the Book Coming? or Why You Shouldn't Talk to Non-Publishing People About Publishing - Book Pregnant

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sharing Some Non-Fiction

Here is a little bit of the non-fiction I've been working on lately.  I'm sure it needs editing.  I've only read it over once, which is never enough....

I was just making a cup of tea.  The kettle boiled.  This is where I wasn’t paying enough attention.  I reached over the kettle.  I think I stifled my scream.  Burns from steam hurt.  A lot.  There was no ice in the freezer.  Once I showed the President of the company and a couple other co-workers my would (that was quickly getting red and blistered) someone suggested I put aloe on it.  I ran out to a local pharmacy and got some, but I didn’t know what to get.  I should have asked a pharmacist while I was there.  I should have gotten ice on it.

I spent most of that day coating my wrist with green gel.  I watched it intently.  It just got worse and worse.  At least my aloe gel kept it from constantly hurting.  It was gross.  It was a triangular blister.  Eventually, the blister went away and turned into a dark scar.  Now, it is a light, polka-dotted triangle.  It’s become part of my arm, but if I ever really look at it, I remember what happened, the story behind it and after writing this, all the stories that come after it.