Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today's Quote #1

'To hear the phrase "our only hope" always makes one anxious, because it means that if the only hope doesn't work, there is nothing left.'
- Lemony Snicket

Friday, August 23, 2013

I've got an Oprah link this week!

I was just surprised by the headline.  I thought I'd include the Oprah link, though I think the article over-simplifies things.

6 (Easy!) Ways Anyone Can Become a Writer -

10 Things To Consider When Naming Characters - Writers Write


And just for fun....

How And Why To Use Whom In A Sentence - The Oatmeal

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Think That's A Love Triangle!

What did I do!?!

I've been working on a novel, off and on for the past... while.  I've been thinking about it more and more as my non-fiction first draft was finished and my short stories are being edited.  What do I want to do with this novel (besides finish it)?  I think about the plot.  I think about the characters.  I want to change my main character's job. I'm thinking about her relationships with the other characters.  (How many is too many supporting characters?)  Then I think about her "love-interest".  He's not really, but he is.... Then, there is someone else, who is off-limits and so she never considers him as a romantic possibility.  I didn't either until the story started developing. Then, what do I realize?  It's well....a sort of....LOVE TRIANGLE.  Yikes!  I've said several times that I'm not a big fan of love triangles unless they're done well. I never wanted a love triangle in my novel.  But there it is.  What do I do? Do I hope that I do it well?  Do I take it out?  Bah!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I've Been Working On Some Short Stories

I've been working on some short stories.  Below is the beginning of one that I have completely re-written.  I recently read and thought it was awful and I wondered what I was thinking leaving it like that for so long.  I suppose I hadn't looked at that particular beginning in a while.  I was more focused on the ending.  If the beginning isn't good though, how can I expect a reader to make it to the end.  Below, I know it's better than what I had before, but is it enough?

Cool morning light streamed in through the glass doors and floor to ceiling windows.  The rough whip of shirts, as I shook them free of packing dust and smacked them onto the rolling folding table, was the only noise that broke the silence.  I looked at the beauty of the day, my jaw clenched.  I wanted to walk out the glass doors to somewhere else.  My retail job had become comfortable and stale.  I yearned to make a difference somewhere, but I didn’t think it could be here.

The glass doors broke open, a young man walked into the store.  He was attractive, possibly my age, not one of those middle-aged businessmen and women I had gotten used to seeing in the mornings.  I noticed him and smiled.  Neutral smile.  The smile of greeting that I give to all customers. He seemed generally pleased by it, as any other customer would.  I took it as just another moment in a day that I expected to be uneventful.