Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Last Week #68 - Busy Days

It has been a crazy busy couple of months. Between weddings, birthdays, children and work, I've barely had any time to myself. The good news is that I have managed to squeeze in some writing time. I mentioned a while ago that my main character is now reacting to the consequences of a traumatic event. The few lines below is from the first exchange she is having with her sister about what happened.

"Thanks." I tried to smile, but I could barely look at her. While she sat at the other end of the sofa, I stared down at my cup, bowling gently to cool the liquid. A hot sip burned down my throat.

"I still don't know what to say about what happened." She caught my eye before i looked away.

"Neither do I," I put down my tea and shut my eyes.

I'm slowly figuring out where they move on from here. I also feel like a chunk of this conversation will eventually be cut, but I am also trying not to think like that. What I'm trying to remember is that I need to keep moving my characters and the story forward.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quote #63 - Aesop

"Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow."
- Aesop, Fables

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Random #87 - Thank You To...

Whoever handed in the money my Hubby forgot.

Last weekend, my Hubby went to the grocery store, picked up a few things and got $100 cash back for the weekend. He forgot the money. That night, as we were preparing to go to sleep and talking about what was happening the next day, he remembered. Naturally, he was freaking out. I calmed him as best I could, but still, it was something to freak out about. All we (he) could do was head to the store in the morning with the receipt and tell them he didn't receive the cash. Out on my errands, he texted me. The store had the money set aside. Someone had handed it in. A kind person, maybe the next person behind him in line, handed the money in to the service desk. I was set aside, waiting for a person with the right receipt to come in and claim it.  This person didn't have to do that.  It was a fair amount of money. They could have pocketed it. They didn't. They did the right thing, thankfully for us.

To whoever returned my husband's money, to anyone who has ever returned anyone's forgotten money, lost wallet, dropped phone, forgotten keys, misplaced jewelry, and the like, Thank You.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Random #86 - I'm A Little Lost

My life is out of balance. I had balance for a while. It was nice. My day job stuck to predictable hours. I was writing regularily. I spent time with the children. I spent time with my husband. I spent time with the rest of my friends and family. Now I am feeling all over the place. I'm losing momentum. I feel stuck. How do I get unstuck? Do I cut my losses with something? Do I reshuffle? Do I try something else? 

Since last winter, maybe even last November, this started. It was slow to go downhill. I only started to feel it maybe around the middle of spring, more so the middle of August. But if I really think about it, look at all the causes and effects, I can see that it's been building awhile. That of course, leads me to second-guess all sorts of decisions. Jobs, schools, trips, how I've spent my money, who I've shared my time with, everything is under scrutiny right now. I can't stop myself. It's how I'm processing what's happening. How do I change this feeling? I want to. I want to feel balanced again.