Friday, April 26, 2013

Not The Same Old Links

Waterfalls are good for mediation, right?
I've been going to a writing group lately. It's twice a month.  I'm really enjoying it. I find it quite stimulating.  For the most recent group, I was in charge of coming up with the meditation that we use before our first writing prompt. I found the idea of coming up with a mediation challenging, so I Googled it, of course. Below are some interesting links on writing and meditation.  

I also read an interesting and slightly scary article from GalleyCat about someone who lost 5 years of schoolwork, including their all-important thesis. Writers, back up your work!  Below are two articles that list some options for online backups.  Of course, you could get yourself a portable hard drive or a USB drive or CD or DVD or even floppy disk if you have a REALLY old computer.  (I do, in fact, own a computer that has a floppy drive.  I don't even know if it still works.  I think it's been two years since I turned it on.)

After writing two little paragraphs about the link topics this week, I would feel remiss if I didn't at least mention my last link today.  Make your quotes pretty!  Then Pin them.  Or use Tumblr.  Or some other image/blogging thing that you want.  Also, quotes as imagery makes them more noticeable.  Am I wrong?

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Meditation and Writing:

Meditation and the Art of Writing - Copyblogger

Loving Kindness Meditation for Writers - Writer Unboxed

Writing as Meditation

Helping Writers De-Stress: Meditation Apps

Back Up Your Work!

Why You Should Back Up Your Writing Right Now - GalleyCat

Top 15 Free Online File Storage Sites - Social Times

Making Quotes Pretty:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Links This Week

Bah!  I forgot to post this on Friday.  Oh well...  Here are some links to some interesting/helpful stuff I discovered last week.  Enjoy!

Using Places I Know - Or Do I? - Heroines With Heart

How To Find Images for Your Author Site, Ethically - Galley Cat

Public Domain Photos - I'm not linking to an article here.  These are websites where all the photos are public domain!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Have Chosen...

Feedly!  I've been using Feedly for a week.  I like Feedly better than Google Reader, I think.  I like the options for display.  I can make it look a lot like Google Reader or I can give it an expanded look.  I like the interface.  I find it very user friendly.  I really like that I can see how long it has been since a blog has posted.  As I've been making the change from Feedly to Google Reader, I found some blogs that were on my list hadn't posted in over a year (or longer!).

I know there were some people who chose Bloglovin' as their Google Reader replacement, but it just wasn't right for me.  It's a good site; if you want to stick with something that feels a lot like Google Reader, then this is probably your best option.

I had been considering Pulse, but there were a lot of options missing.  There were no dates on the articles.  No "Mark as Read", or "Keep Unread" button.  Pulse is lovely to look at.  I really liked the display.  But there weren't really any customizing options.  I like making things feel like mine and Pulse just felt like Pulse. I actually sent suggestions to Pulse and after looking at their forum, it looks like many other users did the same.  They were very nice about deleting my account and user data, so I have to say, their customer service is fantastic.

I don't think I'll be switching from Feedly anytime soon.  I enjoy their tablet and phone apps.  They're very easy to use and also easy on the eyes.

What Reader do you use?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Links!!

Note:  The link from Heroines with Hearts might be considered racy....

Quick Tip: Remember the Quiet Moments - The Sharp Angle

Linda Howard's 12 Steps to Physical Intimacy - Heroines with Hearts

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who Do I Choose?

I'm still trying to decide about what to use to replace Google Reader.  Right now, I keep going back and forth between Feedly and Pulse.  I've eliminated Bloglovin' from the contest.  It looks a lot like Google Reader, but I was thinking, if it's time for a change, why stay the same?  Though, I've seen a few of the blogs I follow decide on Bloglovin'...  Both Feedly and Pulse have mobile apps...  I suppose I could just try each out and then decide after a couple days of playing with it.  What do you think? Feedly or Pulse?

Monday, April 1, 2013

To Link or Not To Link

I got some interesting links from last week.  I think a little different from what I usually post.  Enjoy!

Robin Benway Tackles Writer’s Block - The Perpetual Page Turner

The Future of Publishing: Asking Ksenia Anske - Book Riot

Guest blog: Marta Acosta on the close calls of writing - Misprinted Pages
(Not sure what I actually think of this...)