Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last Week #50 - That's Not What I Wrote About

I think I had  pretty good week with writing.  More than recent weeks, which always makes me happy. I went to writing group this week and for of the prompts, I found inspiration for scenes for my work-in-progress. I always love when that happens. But that's not what I'm going to write about here! One of the prompts was "mini disasters", then from a pile, we picked out a first line and began writing. 

Unedited (except for spelling):

“Damn. It just snapped.” I whispered to Ariana. I clutched at the thin strap to my black dress, trying to be causal as the bride’s father made his speech. 

Ariana began to rummage around in her tiny clutch. “Damn it. Sorry, Cat, I thought I had a safety pin.”

“I could feel the back of my dress slipping below my shoulder blade. “I knew it was loose earlier. I should have done something about it before the reception.”

“It’s an expensive dress.  I thought it would hold up too.” I watched Ari look at our table of work friends. 

No one paid us any attention, they were all engrossed in the father’s speech. It must be pretty emotional, since our stoic receptionist looked ready to cry. I couldn’t pay attention to anything, fearful this wardrobe malfunction would have me flashing a room full of people I didn’t know.

I tried to lean closer to Ari, “I need to get to the bathroom.”

She nodded and we tried to turn our attention back to the wedding party. The room broke out in thunderous applause. While Ariana could join in, I was not letting go. Taking a cue from the receptionist, I pretended to wipe a tear way with me free hand.

I had a couple of the women at the group relate to this tale. I think it's something a lot of people can relate too. I had fun with the prompt and enjoyed that infusion of humour into my writing.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Last Week #49 - Writing and Wine

All I can think about lately is either my work-in-progress or whatever book I'm reading.  Good, right? So, I was out a friend's place on Saturday night and had some wine. Not a ton, but enough. Out with friends, playing boardgames and having a few drinks.  A nice, fun, relaxed kind of evening.  We didn't stay out too late. For some reason, before going to bed, I had the urge to write the beginning of a scene. I wrote about a page. Not a lot, but apparently, I had to get it down.

I read it the next morning. The action of what I wanted to happen is there, but the language is awful. I used the phrase "his dark eyes" too many times. Was it Hemingway who said, write drunk, edit sober? Not that I was drunk, I just had a limited vocabulary. I am glad I wrote it though. Wine or not, when I have an idea, I must write.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Random #66 - Choices

When The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and Jessica Jones premiere on the same weekend. How do I spend my Friday night?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last Week #48 - All About One Story

I went to my writers group this week. It was great, I was really happy with my writing. I got a really great reaction to what I wrote to one of the prompts too. It made me feel amazing and embarrassed. Everyone was staring at me silently for a moment when I was done reading the piece. Of course, I thought that meant it sucked. Then one of the wonderful women at the group was like, we're quiet because we're stunned and want to know more. Then I wanted to shrink into myself. I was happy, but, well, also wanted to hide. 

Of the four prompts I wrote to this week, three ended up involving characters in my current work in progress. After the session, I also found myself even more connected with the novel. I'm excited to see how my story develops. 

Also, I'm not including that piece here because I'm still weirdly embarrassed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random #65 - The Flash

I've been really enjoying The Flash this season. (How long before Patty joins the club?) I am so happy about everything that's happened this season so far and I look forward to what else the show has in store for us.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Random #64 - Books I Don't Want to Want

You know when you read a series of books and you finish, and you think you're done with that series forever, then surprisingly another book in the series comes out? What if you were torn about whether or not you should read this new book? I mean, I enjoyed the series when I read it, but after time and reflection, I realize it wasn't as good as I thought it was. But I still enjoyed it, a lot. When I was reading it it was all I could think about. I found it exciting and engaging and I was desperate to know what happened next. I have the hope that this new book would still excite me, but having reflected back on the series I'm not sure how I would take the new installment. Do I leave it alone? Do I let my enjoyment of the series stay in the past or do I succumb to the urge to buy this new book?

There's also this feeling of the series being incomplete on my bookshelf. I have all the other books, if there's a new one, I should have it too, right? However, I've been trying to not let my book hoarding get out of control. I have so many other books that I want to read, should I let this one go? (At least for now?) I was thinking I might, but then I saw it... 50% off. It is so tempting....

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Last Week #47 - Halloween Takes Over

You know what happens when you buy the wrong Ninja Turtle costume for you son? Yes? So, I had to go back to Party City to exchange it. Which was actually a fine experience. The people there were helpful and the exchange happened pretty quick. There was no wandering around, just talked to the employees and got what I needed. Also, apparently for the week before Halloween, they're open until midnight! That's crazy! Why does anyone need to go there that late? It must be worth it for them though.

In other news, I went to my writer's group on Tuesday, which was an interesting one. The person handling the bulk of the prompts decided to make them Halloween themed. The first one was to focus on dialogue, the second on the description of the main character from the first prompt. There were a couple other good prompts, it was a nice couple hours of writing. I thought I'd include a bit from the second part of the prompt, unedited, totally rough.

Dark-hair, twisting in her fingers, dark eyes staring out at the night. Flared jeans, the cuffs flap against her legs. Red shirt, long, she pulls at the hem. Black leather jacket, classic, old and well-loved. She touches the softness and things of her sister, who gave it to her before she died. She zips up her boots before grabbing her back of supplies masquerading as a purse.

She walks down the street with purpose, trying not to stomp. She glances quickly into the store-front windows, taking inventory, judging. Her eyes dart from face-to-face, taking inventory, judging. She doesn’t know where she’ll stop today. She pauses at a red light and takes a deep breath, gathering up the scents of care exhaust, perfumes, sweat and worry.

She feels the pull of anxiety, she looks quickly around her before the light changes. She sees a girl, maybe only a couple years younger than herself. Too much mascara and peroxide. She bites at her lip, the girl does too. The light changes and the girl moves, she falls into step behind her.