Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Say It Right!

I found this list at Literary Musings a few days ago.  I think it’s awesome.  I've often had my own name mispronounced, so I can see how helpful a list like this would be.  The original link is from Buzzfeed.  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Word Of The Week!

Two new words this week…

From In The Skin Of A Lion

Pelmanism (pg 189): A system of training to improve the memory; a memory card game where a pack of cards is spread out face down and players try to turn up pairs.

From The Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill

Rictus (chpt 5): A bird’s gaping mouth; any open-mouthed expression.
It is used to describe Walter’s non-smile.

Learned any new words from your books this week?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Battle Over Original Content

I found this while reading The Oatmeal today.  The Oatmeal is a comic blog run by a guy who makes fun of everything.  Some of it's really funny, some if is less so, it's almost all crass, but most of the time I enjoy it.  It's become so popular, there's even an Oatmeal book, which you can find on The Oatmeal site if you are so interested.

Below is a link, not just to an Oatmeal comic, but to a problem he is having.  Apparently, there's a website called Funny Junk that has Oatmeal comics all over it without any credit or link back to the original artist.  The Oatmeal is not the only comic site to have this problem.  Click the link below for more info.
What should I do about FunnyJunk.com? - The Oatmeal

I decided that I would check out this site before deciding anything.  On it I found a *rebuttal to The Oatmeal and any other comic that is claiming the same issue.  Essentially FunnyJunk is blaming its users , saying that they are the ones posting The Oatmeal and other comic images.  If you are so inclined to read them, some of the comments from the FunnyJunk users make The Oatmeal seem tame in comparision.

As someone who posts original work on the internet (though not comics), I found this interesting.  Of course, there's the big risk that there will be someone, somewhere, who will take your work without crediting you.  I hope that never happens, but it could.  So what should The Oatmeal do about FunnyJunk.com?  What would you do if someone took your work without crediting you?  Whenever I post a blurb or an idea I found on someone else's blog, I always link back to them and most times I leave a comment telling them that I've posted this link on my site.  Why pretend?  How does benefit you?

*Note: The person/people who run FunnyJunk need to proofread better.  Their letter is terribly written.

**Update:  Apparently, FJ sent a reply to Oatmeal, seen below the original comic and, of course, The Oatmeal has created a comic in response.

***Update:  Follow this link for the latest info, http://theoatmeal.com/blog/funnyjunk2

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Peak at Real Life

My baby girl turned 2 on Tuesday.  (TWO!!)  She's giving a hug to her baby brother, due in early July.  The photo was taken last weekend by my brilliant friend, Kelly.  (Check out her website here.) 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Publishing and Fan Fiction

Pavarti has an interesting post over at her blog about whether or not it is okay to publish fan fiction.  I think Fan Fiction can be fun, not that I've ever written any... unless a high school assignment I vaguely remember, counts.  But it's not for professional publishing.  I think it can be a fun tool, to exercise your writing muscles.  Click below to see the original post.  What do you think?

Pavarti: Publishing and Fan Fiction - Oh My!: "In the attempt to not slam my head against the floor repeatedly I've decided to post this here. And then I'll slam my head against the floo..."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Word Of The Week!

From In The Skin Of A Lion:

Detritus (pg 145): Pieces of rock broken off by ice, glacier or erosion; debris.
Personal Note: I don’t know if it’s just me, but this is one time where I think they author could have just used the word “debris”. “Detritus and chaos” versus “debris and chaos”, I think it might have been easier for the reader to understand. What do you think?

Sumac Bracelet (pg 146): Sumac – any variety of shrubs or small trees of the Rhus genus, including poison ivy and poison oak. Or, a sour spice popular in the Easter Mediterranean made from the berries of the plant.

Personal Note: I’m inclined to think that the bracelet was made out of poison ivy or oak, but that still seems weird.

Learned any new words from your books this week?

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I received yet another short story rejection. Here’s a sample of what I sent. If you scroll down, I sent the story in not that long ago. I think it’s the quickest response I’ve ever gotten.

Ashley held back a sigh. Her day had been going so well. Another argument was the last thing she wanted. She thought she had left that behind when she’d moved out. “I told you before, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. We tried to make it work… For a while I thought it was going to, but you didn’t really change. You did what I asked you to do for a few weeks, then everything went back to the way it was. I can’t live like that. You shouldn’t have to either.”

“You’re wrong,” he declared, like a candidate wanting her vote.

“No, I’m not. We’re going to take some time apart…take a break. Can’t you just give it some time?” Ashley’s body language lowered, her shoulders slouched. It was time for Chad to go away.

It was as though he had expected it all to get better today. One visit. One rose. She would return with him, and everything would go back to normal. Chad clenched his jaw. His hands formed tight fists, nails digging into skin. He fumed inside, Ashley could see it, but he wanted to keep control. He wanted her to come home.

Ashley didn’t know what to do. She wanted to just walk away. Go inside her parents’ house, her home again, and forget that Chad had ever shown up. That’s all she wanted. A quiet, uneventful day.

Cautiously, she took a step back. Chad moved forward. Why couldn’t she get away? “I’m going inside now, Chad.” Why couldn’t he let her go?

Chad’s anger flared. “We’re talking!”

“No, you’re talking. I’ve said everything I have to say… Just give me my space.” Ashley half-grinned, attempting a conclusion. She shut the car door and turned to walk to the house.

Chad’s chest heaved, his jaw clenched. “You have to listen to me.”

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Word of the Week!

This week, one of the words came from an unexpected source…

From Reality Check at the Toronto Star,

Castigating (in the second of the larger paragraphs): To punish, criticize severely, to reprimand severely.

My other source, was much more expected…

From In The Skin Of A Lion,

Ablutions (pg 43): The act of washing or cleansing the body.

Supine (pg 49): To lay back, be lethargic or passive. It’s apparently an old word.

Attribution: Rob Lavinsky,
iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0
Feldspar (pg 53): Any of a large group of rock-forming minerals that, together, make up about 60% of the earth's outer crust. The feldspars are all aluminum silicates of the alkali metals sodium, potassium, calcium and barium.
This one was a little technical.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Word Of The Week!

I started a Word Of The Week feature/event/whatever last summer on my other blog, loniseye.blogspot.com. I had been frequently coming across words I didn’t know and thought I’d share them with the blog world. I’ve decided to start cross-posting the Word Of The Week here. I think as a writer, it’s important to keep my vocabulary growing. You never know when you’ll stumbled upon the right word that sums up exactly what a character is feeling or a word that can move the plot in a whole new direction.

I’ve decided, to make things simple for myself, using Wiktionary and Wikipedia as my sources for definitions. If I can not find a definition/explanation on one of these two sites, then I’ll go out into the interwebs to find something. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll try to glean a definition from the context of the story.

From In The Skin Of A Lion:

Naphtha [Lamp] (pg 14)
• Naturally-occurring liquid petroleum.
• Any of a wide variety of aliphatic or aromatic liquid hydrocarbon mixtures distilled from petroleum or coal tar, especially as used in solvents or petrol.
• A naphtha lamp is what young Patrick used to light his home one evening.

From Herman Wouk Is Still Alive:

Assignation (pg 7 – if you print it)
• An appointment for a meeting, generally of a romantic or sexual nature.
• Modern usage of the word has narrowed the meaning to an agreed upon place for illicit sex. The earlier use of the word was broader an in general more innocent.
• A reader might think that assignation is being used in reference to the two women in the van, but it’s actually referring to the elderly couple at the rest stop.

I hope I find the time and the words to post again next week. Anyone else come across a new word or two?