Saturday, May 16, 2015

Last Week #29 - My Daughter Is Turning 6!

It's been a busy week.  My daughter's 6th birthday is tomorrow.  I am spending all day shopping, cleaning, baking, cooking.  I spent most of the week doing housework.  I managed to get in a little bit of reading and some blogging.  The most writerly part of my week was going to the freeflow writer's group I am a part of.  It was fantastic.  I felt so connected to my words.  Going is such a boost to my creativity.  Even if I don't work on my novel, anything I write feels goods.  It is raw and real and I love it.  I thought I'd share one of the pieces I wrote.  It is totally unedited, so please excuse any messiness.

“A field of daises covered the shore on the south side of the lake.  A dense forest covered the north.  The lake reflected the mountains and a sky thick with clouds.  The item was in that lake, sunk to the bottom by an old woman, who has since disappeared.  You need to retrieve the item.”

Amala sat back.  She was trying to picture all the lakes she knew.  Were any of them surrounded by daises and a forest?  “Delia you saw all this?”

“Yes.  Last night in my dream.”  The dreams wore themselves on Delia’s face.  She looked almost a decade older than she was.  Her once dark hair almost all grey, wrinkles around her eyes from squinting, lines across her forehead from worry.

“Was this a real dream or a dream like everyone else has?” Amala grinned, her eyes sparkling in the candlelight. “I don’t want to have to trek all the way out of the city for no reason.”

“Amala, don’t play with me.”  Delia smiled.  Amala was trying to lighten the mood that often came with these dreams.  “Maybe everyone else’s dreams are real too, they just don’t know it.”

“I hope not.”  Amala rose and walked to the front window, drawing back the curtain, peaking out into the night.  Neon lights invaded the candlelit room.  Cars whizzed by.  Towers twinkling high overhead, making patterns in the sky, blocking out the stars. “I don’t want my dreams to be real.”

Just reading it through once, there's a lot I'd like to change, but the writing group is about being spontaneous; that what this is.  I'd like to show more, less telling.  I'd like to keep working on this, but I have other projects already on the go.  Maybe I'll come back to this piece one day and we'll learn more about the item, Delia's dreams, and the towers that block out the night sky.

That's been my week.  How was yours?

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