Friday, April 1, 2016

Links n+1

I have posts about writing links all through the blog. I tried to make a regular thing, but sometimes, I just don't find anything that I want to link to and sometimes, I was too busy that week to look at the sites I follow. So, like some of the other stuff I post, I'll just start numbering them. I will try to stick to Fridays for these posts though. I do like some structure.

I also want to make some kind of list to make them easier to find. There are some I'd like to refer back to...

Anyway, here are some links I found recently that I'd like to share. Enjoy!

Hi! Could you give me some advice on how to lengthen chapters/scenes without making them boring? I always seem to struggle with length...:

I've heard a good advice that says 'Take the book you love and read it like writer.' I have this book now and I wanted to ask just how exactly do I take it apart? I want to have some kind of plan to tackle it and understand why exactly I loved it and why I still remember it as something great. I want to learn but I'm not sure how.:

10 Ways to Make Everyone Root for Your Amoral Protagonist:

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