Saturday, August 21, 2010

Working Title: Gunshot – Entry #2

I wrote 1942 new words today. I wish it was more, but I also did a ton of editing. I still am not sure about what the sister’s name should be. Name research takes up a lot (maybe too much) time for me. I need a character’s name to be just right. A name helps me shape a character’s personality.

Here’s a bit of what I wrote today:

I let go of Kaitlin’s hand and took a step back from the bed. She attempted a shaky smile before shutting her eyes. I stretched my arms back. I walked back to my seat and the card game I’m sure Fin had forgotten. I looked down at my hands. I had just promised someone I barely knew to hold her hand while she found out potentially devastating news about her husband. I was very tired; maybe I wasn’t thinking clearly.

I hadn’t been thinking clearly for a while. I was okay while I was on the phone with the emergency operator, though I had been frightened and sitting on my kitchen floor. My mind would have eventually cleared, if Fin hadn’t knocked on my odor. Something about hearing that first knock, then accentuated by seeing him through the peephole, made my mind fog up. It was his expression, the naked pleading need.

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