Friday, October 15, 2010

Background Images

I have to change this background.  I like it.  It’s what the template came with.  However, today, while traveling through the blogosphere, I found another blog with the same background.  It was very disconcerting.  I suddenly felt like I lost my uniqueness or individuality.  I’m going to change the background.  I want it to be like my other blog, a picture I’ve taken and worked to make it more…interesting.  For the time being, I might just change it to another of the stock pictures.  Just until I capture the right storm image.


  1. I've changed the picture. I'm not sure if I like it. It's only temporary until I take the right photo. Though, how long will that be?

  2. If you lived around here, it would not be very long. We get fantastic storms every few weeks.

  3. I was still unhappy with the picture. So now it's swirly and purple. There's a storm right now, but it's night time, so I think my picture would just be a lot of blackness.