Saturday, April 16, 2011

I did some writing today…

I’ve been feeling more inspired lately.  I think it’s partly because I’m in the second half of my pregnancy.  Doctors say that dreams are more vivid in pregnant women.  I think that’s true.  I was having many nightmares during my first trimester and my husband and I realized it was because of a television show that I sometimes watched before bed.  I didn’t stop watching the show, but it stopped being the last thing I watched and I stopped watching the re-runs.

I think that dreams are often connected to the imagination.  I’ve had so many new ideas lately and thoughts on expanding old ones.  So my husband took my daughter out for a couple hours and I got to write.  Below is a sample of a short story that has been unfinished for likely around a year.  I think it’s done now.  It just needs some editing.

Dear Sarah,

It’s been weeks and still no news from you.  I need to know that you’re okay.  Please call me. My home, cell and work phone numbers are below.



These letters of yours are getting rather personal and we are not in what you think is regular correspondence.  I appreciate that you own some of my paintings and you are a fan, but you should remember that I don’t know you.  I haven’t met most people who have purchased my work.  I would ask that you remember this when you write letters to myself or any other artist.



I do know you.  I know so much about you.  Your image is reflected in every stroke of your paintbrush.  I imagine being there when you paint.  Your studio filled with light, the glow of the sun in your hair.  The way you remodeled your home to fit your needs was brilliant, even if Claude was against some of the changes.  He doesn’t know you like I do.  He doesn’t see into your soul.

I only saw a brief mention of a discussion group on your website.  The information was incomplete, then the entire thing went down.  We’re going to have to see each other some other way.  If you insist on being with Claude, I can be discreet.  Eventually, you’ll see we were made for each other.

Forever yours,


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