Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Battle Over Original Content

I found this while reading The Oatmeal today.  The Oatmeal is a comic blog run by a guy who makes fun of everything.  Some of it's really funny, some if is less so, it's almost all crass, but most of the time I enjoy it.  It's become so popular, there's even an Oatmeal book, which you can find on The Oatmeal site if you are so interested.

Below is a link, not just to an Oatmeal comic, but to a problem he is having.  Apparently, there's a website called Funny Junk that has Oatmeal comics all over it without any credit or link back to the original artist.  The Oatmeal is not the only comic site to have this problem.  Click the link below for more info.
What should I do about - The Oatmeal

I decided that I would check out this site before deciding anything.  On it I found a *rebuttal to The Oatmeal and any other comic that is claiming the same issue.  Essentially FunnyJunk is blaming its users , saying that they are the ones posting The Oatmeal and other comic images.  If you are so inclined to read them, some of the comments from the FunnyJunk users make The Oatmeal seem tame in comparision.

As someone who posts original work on the internet (though not comics), I found this interesting.  Of course, there's the big risk that there will be someone, somewhere, who will take your work without crediting you.  I hope that never happens, but it could.  So what should The Oatmeal do about  What would you do if someone took your work without crediting you?  Whenever I post a blurb or an idea I found on someone else's blog, I always link back to them and most times I leave a comment telling them that I've posted this link on my site.  Why pretend?  How does benefit you?

*Note: The person/people who run FunnyJunk need to proofread better.  Their letter is terribly written.

**Update:  Apparently, FJ sent a reply to Oatmeal, seen below the original comic and, of course, The Oatmeal has created a comic in response.

***Update:  Follow this link for the latest info,

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