Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All By Myself (Not Anymore?)

White Flower Alone... from HuBoro
I've done something I wasn't sure I'd ever do. I've sent out inquires to two local writers groups. 

I always thought of writing as something solitary. I sit alone somewhere with a notebook or computer and I write. Right? For the longest time, it never occurred to me to join a writer's group. As I have been writing more and more, and reading more and more, I've come to feel that I'd benefit from joining a real life writers' group. I actually considered joining one about three and a half years ago, but I was pregnant and then I had a baby to take care of... Then I got pregnant again and had a toddler and an infant to take care of. I was always writing, but to commit to going to a writers' group even just twice a month was not happening. So I decided to wait and revisit the idea again when my babies were a little older. They're older now and so here I go... Or at least hope to go. I'm waiting for replies from each group. I'm not sure exactly how they work, what the specific rules are.  Can I just show up?  This is new territory to me. I'll actually be able to talk to other writers in person about what I'm working on. I might even be a little excited.  Will I join one?  Both?  Neither?  I wonder what the next few days will bring.

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