Sunday, February 22, 2015

Last Week #22 - Novel Arc

Last week I gathered up all the bits and pieces of the novel I've been working on.  I made sure everything was typed out and printed.  Then I had to put them in order; the only space big enough was the floor. Before I knew it, I had this lovely arc of all the scenes I've created.  So, I took a picture.  Is this a complete novel?  No. It's maybe a quarter or third of it. Who knows if all these scenes will even make it to the final manuscript? The pile of papers in the bottom right corner are notes on the novel, just begging for some of those pages to be changed or stripped away.  My goal now, make it all connect.  How does the main character get from one end of her arc to the other?  I'm not entirely sure, but this process certainly helped.

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