Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last Week In Writing #1

I'm not sure how to intro this.  I think I want to blog weekly about what I've accomplished in writing that week.  Whether it's something new that I've written or a kind of status update on submissions or editing. I haven't decided if I want to do this on Saturdays or Sundays. I suppose it just depends on which day allows me the opportunity (aka a few child-free minutes). I'm doing this partly for myself, so I can reflect on what was accomplished, but also so I can share it.

The first bit I want to share is something I wrote in my writing group. It's completely rough, except for maybe spelling.  As I may have mentioned previously, in the writing group I attend, we typically write four pieces based on prompts, then share two of them with the group.  The prompt for this was an image which looks much like how the character describes it below.  It's just a few minutes worth of writing, but I hope you like it as much as I do.

Elizabeth loved going to Mila’s house.  It was the opposite of her own.  She could see the pink flamingos a block away.  Pinwheels with flags of the world and different coloured birds spun in the garden.  The flowers were rich, lush, beautiful and completely unorganized.  There was always something hanging from the maple tree.  A rock-lined path lead the way to the back gate.  Elizabeth paused once she reached the house and grinned as blue and yellow streamers hung from the tree.

As she opened the back gate and took a few steps forward, her hear began to race. “A giant, plastic hamburger!”  She couldn’t contain her excitement.

Mila ran over, grabbing Elizabeth’s hand, led her deeper into the large yard. “I know this stuff makes you happy.” She said softly into her smiling friend’s ear.

“A giant plastic ice cream con?  Fries?  This is great!”

“Better than the jungle animals?  I know you loved that elephant.”

Elizabeth paused.  She became thoughtful for a brief moment, but still grinned. “It depends what’s for dinner.”

Mila giggled and gestured widely, “This.”

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