Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random #20

The beginning of September is so busy!  My daughter is back to school.  Getting back into the routine of making lunches and getting up early is so tiring.... for all of us.  No more getting up whenever for the kids, I have to wake them.  That is not always fun.  This last week and half has been so draining, I have no energy to do anything lately.
I also miss having my daughter home with me (I'm still unemployed.)  It was a fun two months with the kids.  We did lots of activities, visited friends and family.  It was such a different lifestyle than having her in school and me at work.  While I miss her, I'm happy she's back to school.  Now, I only have to entertain one child.  Plus, she enjoys school.  I know in five or ten years, that will likely change.
Does anyone else find September tiring?

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