Sunday, November 9, 2014

Last Week... #13 - Slump

Nothing much happened last week for two reasons:

1) My word processing program is not working.  This is a multi-level problem, which I find frustrating and discouraging. It leaves me unmotivated until the problem is solved.

2) I was recently in a bit of reading funk/slump.  I had stuff I was reading, but nothing was grabbing me.  I find my reading and my writing connected. If I'm not energized by what I'm reading, not only does my writing suffer, but so does my sleeping (I've had sleep issues since I was a teen. Reading is part of a good sleep routine I've created).  My blogging also lags because I'm not motivated.  

Is this crazy of me?  If' I'm not engaged with what I'm reading, my output dwindles away?  Maybe I was just in a general funk and everything was awful.

However, I did want to pull myself out of this funk, so I stopped trying to read the stuff that wasn't helping and I picked up Maggie Stiefvater's latest novel, Blue Lily, Lily Blue and I loved it.  I'm also sitting here typing this post, so maybe finding a good book was just the motivation I needed.

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