Sunday, March 6, 2016

Last Week #55 - All Day For A Paragraph

I had chunck of time last week were I could write. I was so excited. Then all I produced was one paragraph. I'm not even sure I like what I wrote, but I needed it, the story needed it. What happens in it isn't super exciting, but it propels the story forward. It's about movement, right?

It's left me wondering though, what will happen in the future. When I go back, when  I'm editing the completed manuscript, will this paragraph make it.  Will I end up cutting something that took me an entire day to create? What about the rest of the work? How much of that will be hacked and slashed away? I know it's crazy of me to worry about this, but I'm a worrier. I'm always thinking about the futre and how my actions now will affect what is to come. But I'll stop. I'll just be happy that I was able to get anything done at all. 

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