Thursday, February 16, 2017

Random #92 - The News

The best picture of all?
The news is too much. It's happening so fast. It's one hectic news day after another. I used to check periodically throughout the day and before the end of the night, just to keep current. Now, if I miss even a couple of hours, I might miss the next big disaster. Any number of things that have happened in the past four weeks could count as a disaster, could have set journalists, bloggers, analysts digging for weeks or months, instead they/we barely have time to keep up.

I had wanted to talk about Prime Minister Trudeau and the smiles Ivanka Trump was giving him during his visit to Washington on Monday, but at this point, it's old news. I also wanted to talk about how prepared Trudeau was for the Trump handshake, which made me just love my PM even more. Again, old news. Only a few days, but there are bigger scandals in the States right now. Our Prime Minister has gone to France to talk trade deals.

As with the People's Court judge on Saturday Night Live this weekend, I'd just like a slow news day and not have to worry about missing something if I take a day away from the news sites and Twitter.

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