Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Short Story Sample

I sumbmitted a short story to one of the contests I previously mentioned.  This is just a sample of what I sent.  I like it...

There was a honking outside below the window. The couple ignored the sound as they attempted to shed themselves of the day. It must have nothing to do with them, yet it persisted. They could hear people yelling. Who would be honking like that? Kiandra wiped her face and looked up at Ethan. Curiosity now led their actions.
            Kiandra reached the window first. “Son of a bitch!”
            Ethan looked over her shoulder. The day wasn’t as over as he’d thought it was. “What is he doing back here?”
            Below their window, in the circle of a streetlight, Vincent stood outside his bright yellow car, which glowed in the darkness. He honked the horn again. Someone, a neighbour, had already come out of the building and was trying to talk to the angry young man. His words were being ignored. He began shouting. Vincent stopped honking to yell at the older gentleman. There were few people in the street, but they had all stopped to stare.
            “I’m going to need to go downstairs,” Kiandra whispered tiredly.
            “This time I’m coming.” Ethan motioned to follow and Kiandra did not stop him.
            They walked out of their building and onto the sidewalk. Kiandra whispered, “Sorry,” as she passed her neighbour. The man backed away but stopped at the front door. Ethan stood on Kiandra’s left, waiting for her to begin. Vincent stopped, waiting for the same thing.
            “Why are you here?” Kiandra’s voice was low.
            “I wasn’t done talking to you.” Vincent glanced at Kiandra, then glared at Ethan. He moved around the car to stand just a few feet from the couple.
            They didn’t move, just returned his stare. Kiandra breathed deeply. “I’m done talking to you. I don’t know how many times I need to say that I don’t want to see you again. Ever.”
            “You don’t mean it.”
            “I’m done repeating myself. Leave… or I’ll call the police.” She felt her voice shaking but hoped no one heard it.
            “The cops? For what? I haven’t done anything.” Vincent was growing more enraged.
            Ethan decided he had stood silently long enough. “You’re harassing my girlfriend. You’re disturbing us and our neighbours.”
            “Oh, you talk?” Vincent was growing more antagonizing.
            “Leave.” Ethan stepped forward, putting Kiandra behind him.
            Vincent matched that step. “Kiki, doesn’t want me to.”
            “You don’t listen! You never did. This is the last time I’m telling you to leave.” Kiandra felt in her pocket for her mobile.
            Vincent rushed forward to grab Kiandra’s hand, but Ethan blocked him.
“Don’t touch me!” Vincent shrieked.
            “Don’t touch her!”

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