Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Writing "Tool"

I've come across a new writing tool. It is kind of like except cuter.  It is called Written Kitten.  For every on hundred words you write, you get a new kitten.  How awesome is that!  I love kittens.  I want to get a new one soon, actually.  The site doesn't do anything else, there's no other prizes or badges, no stats or analyses.  But with a new kitten every one hundred words, it doesn't really need anything else.  It is for people who want a bit of cute in their day.  There is no saving on this site either, so if you want to keep what you have written, you have to remember to copy and paste to an external source and save. So what am I doing instead of being productive? I'm writing until I hit the word count to get my next kitten!

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