Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Writing Tool... Aid... Prompt... Push...

I signed up for  So far, I really like it.  I like that the site sends you an email reminding you to write at a time you specify.  I like the monthly challenges to write everyday.  I like that it gives you points based on some algorithm.  It hasn't been long, but I'm enjoying the site.

One of the features that I think will be really helpful is the stats page.  It gives you an idea of the tone of your writing.  It also shows you what words you've used most. I might run the risk of over analyzing on the stats page, but for right now, I find it quite helpful.  I think I might also copy and paste a piece of writing just to see what the stats say.  It might be a helpful editing tool.

I was doing pretty well with the site.  I wasn't getting 750 words every day, but I was trying to write for at least ten minutes.  Then my daughter came down with the stomach flu.  She's two and a half.  It was not fun.  I also started feeling unwell.  We're better now and luckily no one else in the household got sick.

I digress.  Anyone who needs a little motivation or wants to find out a little more about their writing should check out

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