Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Maybe I Can Stop Thinking About It

I've been distracted lately, by daydreaming about future plans.  I've been working on a project and I can see the end approaching.  I'm very excited/nervous/tense/happy.  However, I keep letting myself get distracted.  I start thinking about what I'll do when my first draft is complete.  So, I was hoping that if I share my thoughts here, they'll stop occupying me when I should be writing...

When my first draft is done, I'll let it sit, ferment, for a week.  Then I'll read it over again.  Once those edits are done, I'll give it to my Hubby.  He reads everything.  When he's done reading, I'll probably read it again too... while looking for Beta Readers.  Then the Beta Readers will read it.  More changes.  Then I'll hire an editor (right, editor after Beta Readers?).  I think editors are very important.  Then I'll try to get it published.  That's a good plan, right?  Now, maybe, I can stop thinking about it.

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