Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last Week... #2

I think I was productive last week.  I finished the edits for section five and the first half of the conclusion for my non-fiction.  I started work on the second half of the conclusion.  Yes, the conclusion will be longer than I intended.  It was all work that had me feeling good.

Below is a bit of what I wrote while at my writing group last week.  I like it a lot and wonder where it will take me one day.

Being Flung Up Into the Sky

I squeal, as the wind rushes by my ears.  My hair blows around my face.  I stretch my arms and my legs out, my excitement cannot be contained.  I don’t know why I hesitated.  Being thrown, launched, flung into the air is amazing.  I reach out and touch the sky.

I feel my descent, the downward journey of my arc.  I look below me and see the air cushion waiting for my arrival.  I don’t want to land.  I don’t want to touch the ground.  I want to stay in the air.  I want to run my fingers through the sky.  I want to kick my legs at the clouds. I want my hair to ripple back as I swim forward through nothing.

Then I stop.  Two metres before the cushion, I am suspended.  I hover.  I hear shouting all around me.  At the cushion and from the canon where I was launched.

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