Monday, July 14, 2014

Last Week... #4

I've gotten a lot more of my non-fiction done.  I've finished the last section.  Wahoo!  I'm now working on re-writing the third part.  Again, I'm doing it all my hand.  I love the pen and paper feeling.  I've had a busy week and there's a busy week ahead, but I'm hoping to get it done by the weekend.  No samples here until I start typing it all up.  Editing is hard work!

Also, I'm wearing some bright pink nail polish that my daughter picked out for me.  It looks cute on her and it's a great colour, but it's not really me.  I'm a dark polish or metallic girl usually.  I'm keeping it on for her though, so we can match.  I do quite like the brand though, it does dry fast, which is why I bought it for her.  Little girls don't really want to wait long for their nails to dry.

Enough about nails!  Gosh, what kind of tangent did I go off on?

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