Monday, October 6, 2014

Last Week... #10 - WIP Page Change

Picture by me. Don't know why I
included it. Probably so the post
wouldn't look boring.
I think I have finished the revisions for my non-fiction project. Yay!  I also started work on the query letter for that project.  I don't think it's right yet.  I'll probably stress over this one page letter for at least a week.  It's mostly done, but it's not quite right...  Though when will anything ever be quite right?

I've also done a little work on my novel.  It's the one where I was writing a page a day, with no outline.  When I decided to focus all my energy on my non-fiction, that project fell to the wayside. I don't think I'll be able to make up months of pages, though I will try. 
I'm also going to update my Works In Progress page.  It's not accurate anymore since I've decided to put my completed manuscript in a drawer for a while.  Hopefully it'll see the light of day again, maybe part of it, but for right now, it has to go away.   I need to focus my energy on my non-fiction and my novel.

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