Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last Week #19 - Bits of Novel

I've gathered the last of my bits of novel. They are typed up, in the computer.  Light edits have been made.  Now, I'm just waiting to get a new printer, then it'll be cutting and pasting to see what I have. Then more edits and maybe an outline.  Then presto! I'll have a novel!  Not really.  I'll actually be going through what I have, seeing how it all fits together, and creating something cohesive. Actually, I'm not sure what will happen, but I'll know more this time next week.

Below is the least crappy of the rough bits I wrote last week.  Some dialogue showing how delusional the character might be.

“It was like a novel, this man, handsome, in need of help, showing up at my door.  The way we took care of Kaitlyn and Richard, waiting in the hospital together.  It was the beginning to a curious plot.  It was a mystery or maybe a romance.”

“Or maybe a horror/thriller.  Hasn't this guy put you through a lot in a short amount of time?  Hasn't he put you in danger?”

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