Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Random #44 - The Trouble With

The Trouble With... was a prompt from the writing group I attended last week.  The result was something I felt like sharing.  Keep in mind that this is random, raw, unedited (except for spelling) thoughts that spilled out of me after receiving the prompt.  My mind was all over the place.

The trouble with… work, winter, sunshine, rain, gas, cars, parenthood, motherhood, fathers, having children, maintaining friendships, having pets, working out, Drake, Madonna, vampires, dystopian fiction, purple, red, male writers, female writers, bloggers, readers, time… everything.  Who knew there could be trouble with so many things?

I sit inside and I wish I had a sweater, the air is just a bit chilly for me, but that’s part of my trouble. I have low blood pressure and am sometimes cold, when others are not.  I look at the sunlight streaming in through the windows.  It is a beautiful day, but I was just outside.  It is not as warm as it looks.  That is the trouble with seeing, you can’t always believe it.  I think about the drive over, a few old, favourite songs were playing on the radio.  I enjoyed the drive, until I found myself behind a black Mitsubishi, stopped at a stop sign.  I could see it a hundred metres away, not moving.  It didn’t move until I pulled up behind it.  Then slowly, jerkily, it went forward.  It stopped at the next stop sign and very slowly, turned right.  I think that’s the trouble with learning to drive stick.

At home, before leaving, I was sitting in the living room with my husband and children.  My daughter asked to watch My Little Pony.  My son climbed on me, wanting to sit on my lap and play. My husband was talking with my daughter.  We were together, happy, laughing.  We had just eaten dinner. We each had a cookie for dessert.  It had been a good meal and it was now family time.  But I had to leave.  I was sad to go.  That’s the trouble with a few things, parenthood, children, having my own life.

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