Monday, September 7, 2015

Last Week #42 - I Started A Writing Course

It is back to school time. The long weekend is coming to a close and we hope that the children have enough clothes. That means another upheaval. Changes to routine are about to occur, though it will mostly be going back to the routine we had until the end of June. There are a few little tweaks though. I am hoping that everything will find a good rhythm by the end of the week, though who knows.

To throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing, I've decided to take a writing course. Today I finished the first lesson in Sarah Selecky's Story is a State of Mind program.  I enjoyed it.  It was all about freewriting. I've mentioned the writer's group I go to, which is a freeflow group.  So it was nice to start with something I'm familiar with.  I found the practices and the assignment very interesting. I also like that the course encourages (requires) you to write away from your computer, in a notebook.  I liked the readings too. They were both sad, but had a freeflow kind of feeling to them.  I'm looking forward to more lessons and readings.  Of course, I'm interested in the writing that will come out of this.  

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