Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Week #43 - Writing Practice

I sadly haven't worked that much on my WIP.  The beginning of school is always a busy time with the kids. Any free time I've been getting, I've been working on the writing course I started recently. I like the lessons so far. I'm looking forward to more in depth work though. I do like what I've written through the practice and assignments involved in each lesson. There are definitely bits that could be potential stories in the future.  It has been nice to carve our some time to connect with my creativity.

Here is a rough, unedited snippet from one of the practices I did this week:

I stopped.  I could feel the panic rising in me.  I thought this was a forest because of what I felt when I was seated, the tree and the dark outline of leaves above me.  But I couldn't see very far into the darkness.  I also couldn't remember how I got out here.  I was wearing a jacket with pockets. I began searching.  There was no mobile phone, no source of light, no wallet.  I thought about where I had been sitting, what if something fell out?  I took a step back and crouched, finding dirt, dried leaves and pine needles.

As I stood and dusted me hands off, I call out again, "Hello?" I shivered, what if I didn't want someone who was out there right now to find me? I walked around the tree trunk, but it told me nothing except that it was a big tree.

I couldn't stay there, I felt exposed to the unseen.  When I thought I was once again in the place where I started, I put my back against the trunk.  I inhaled slowly and took one step forward. I kept my arms out in front of me, slightly bent.  I toke another step. I breathed again and kept moving forward, one small step at a time.

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