Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Random #71 - Dentists and Babies

Just wait until this starts happening.
My dentist is having a baby. The whole family went to see him yesterday. He could not stop asking me questions about the kids and about pregnancy, about babies, the registry, baby showers and how much space a newborn needs. He's just so excited and it's really great to see. He seems to be really concerned about keeping his wife comfortable and happy. Though it was great to see him so happy, it was a little weird that he was asking me all these questions while his hands were in my mouth. He's a great guy though and has been our dentist since our youngest child was a baby. He's always been great with our kids, making them feel comfortable while he checks their teeth and making sure that everything is growing properly. We are happy for him. By the next time we see him, he'll be a new dad. I'm looking forward to the stories he is going to share.

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