Thursday, February 25, 2016

Random #72 - Middlemarch

I've been reading George Eliot's Middlemarch. It is a total soap opera.  There’s relationship drama and political intrigue.  There are love triangles, marriage for status and longing for something more. I wonder if it has been or ever will be made into a series. Bulstrode is such a villian, marrying a widow for her money, hiding a missing daughter. There are surprising family connections. There are surprising deaths. I'm really feeling for Lydgate. I have this hope for Dorathea and Ladislaw. I want them to end up together. It's like watching Castle for years while nothing happens. Period drama is fun, right? The costumes would be great on a series, Sir James can have hope, then be passed over, then marry another, then scorn someone else's choices. Long walks on  a country road for want of a horse. Surprise visits from the past... Seems like this story is made for the BBC.

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