Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Random #84 -Screams In The NIght

So, I had a terrible night's sleep…. I heard a bloodcurdling scream. I woke up and thought it was one of the children, so I wake up panicking. I say something to Hubby (I may have hit him in my panic), as I get up and go check on the children. Of course they’re both totally, completely asleep. Did I have had a nightmare? Was it was someone outside? Did one of the children scream in there sleep? I don't know. I may never know for certain. I don't remember what I was dreaming about. I looked out the window after checking on the children and there was no one there. I hope that one of them wasn't screaming in their sleep. My daughter talks in her sleep sometimes, but has never let out a banshee scream before. So many possibilities, but let's hope it doesn't happen again. 

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