Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Random #88 - What's On Television?

Am I the only person who didn't watch Gilmore Girls, who wasn't super excited for the Netflix season? Of course I understand why Netflix produced another season, the same reason they produce Fuller House (which I also haven't watched yet) and even the Marvel shows (that I love). There was demand, a real desire from a lot of people to see what's been happening in the lives of Rory and Lorelai. I even watched some Gilmore Girls back when it was first on, mostly season one, some season two. I liked the show. I even watched it here and there throughout its run. I watched the last episode. I just don't feel the urge, the need some people seem to have, to watch it immediately.

What have I been looking forward to on television? The DC television universe crossover. I've seen the episode of Supergirl, that I thought would have a little more "stuff" in it and I've just watched Flash. The end of Flash was great and I can't wait for tomorrow's Arrow. There have definitely been some promos for the crossover event and some excitement, but nothing like Gilmore Girls, or is it I just talk to more "Gilmore Girls" people in real life. Is my geek life a little on the D.L.? I didn't think so. I wore a Doctor Who t-shirt today... Not that I'm saying you have to choose or anything, just that I've been more excited for once instead of the other, and that I'm feel a little like "am I the only one", you know what I mean? Oh well, I'm excited for tomorrow though.

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