Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I've Been Working On... (Non-Fiction)

It's been a while since I posted some of my own writing.  It's been a busy, transition sort of time, these last two months.  I'm finally getting a sense of where my time is going to be needed...  I thought it was time I put the focus of my writing energy into the non-fiction project I started while I was unemployed. Here's a small sample...

My hubby (still boyfriend at the time) got a job about two hours north east of where we were living, so we moved.  It was time for me to move.  It wasn't just the job.  I was done living in that town.  It lacked a lot of the things I loved.  After what happened with Job #2, I couldn't help but feel this might be a problem I would face again.

I started to look for work.  Honestly, three and a half months is the longest it has ever taken for me to get a job.  During this time I “temped”.  Meaning, I found temporary employment with various employers for very short amounts of time, for very little pay.  But it was money.  I have to mention that the best job I had during this temp period was one with a book distribution company.  That’s right, books!  It was working in the packaging warehouse and it was labourous, but the people there were really nice… and I could buy books!  Cheap!  I’m talking seriously, I can’t believe how many books I bought with this five-dollar-bill cheap.  I probably spent half my money on books.

I worked there for three weeks.  There were two other temps.  After this three week period, they found they only needed to keep two for the next two months.  Because I needed a day off in that coming time period (for a family obligation), I was let go.  Which was fine.  It left me more time to go on interviews... and more writing time.

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