Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Miss Traveling To Other Worlds: Fiction and Non-Fiction For Me

I love writing fiction.  I always have.  The main project I've been working on lately, however, is non-fiction.  I would not normally have chosen to write something non-fiction, but some things happened to me and I wanted to share it.  As I work on this non-fiction, I find myself missing the act of creating new worlds and new characters that only exist in my mind.  Even as I write blog posts, occasionally I find myself thinking, I should really get back to that story.

I noticed this a lot yesterday.  I was at my writing group.  I wrote a couple of pieces that I think could develop into full-fledged stories.  One story in particular is weighing on my mind.  I keep thinking about it, about the main character and what is going to happen to him and his group.  (At least I think the main character is a he, I hadn't actually decided, I left it ambiguous.)  The time for writing during the group is limited, which is normally fine.  With this one piece, though, I knew it should become a story or rather; it just won't let go of me.

Though I know I need to focus on finishing my non-fiction, (draft one is done and I'm currently re-reading and editing it), I can't push away my love of fiction.  Besides the writing group, I'm thinking of designating one day a week where I can look at my fiction again.  Maybe?  Maybe it'll remain with my feelings, when a story or character move me enough to keep writing writing about it, I will.  I will not ignore everything else.

Thanks for listening.  I think I'm going to keep writing that story now....

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