Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Went To Writer's Group...

I'm not sure about the writing I produced.  - To recap:  I joined a writer's group that does "freeflow" writing from prompts, 4 prompts writing for 10 minutes each time.  This is not a critique group. -   I felt good about some of it, but not all of it.  I don't expect an instant stellar piece every time my pen hits the page, but I usually feel better about the quality of my work than I did this last time.  I've even given myself a couple of days to think about it and perspective isn't making the "meh" feeling go away.  

Why am I feeling that way?  We all have off-days, right?  I don't go to the group just to feel good about myself.  I go because I enjoy it and it keeps my writer juices flowing.  I've definitely left the group before and looked at some of the pieces I wrote and thought, well, I'll never use that for anything.  Do I feel this way because I'm tired?  I've had a busy couple of weeks and not a lot of sleep.  That can produce either work that's questionable in quality or a lack of positive feeling about work regardless of the quality, right?  Meh.

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