Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last Week #14 - Uninspired

Last week was my last writer's group meeting until 2015.  I'm not sure about what I wrote, but it's always nice getting together and writing from interesting, random prompts.
Have I worked on my actual novel?  Not really.  It seems like every night there's something going on.  I've tried getting up in the morning to work on stuff, but my children keep waking up before me.  Not good.  December always seems to throw everything off.  I am trying to sneak in a paragraph or two everyday, but progress is at a crawl.
Also, my computer is on the fritz again.  So, I have to use my Hubby's when I get the opportunity. 
Let's just say, except for Tuesday, it has been an uninspired week.  I'm looking forward to the week coming though.  I have hope for myself.

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