Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Random #40 - Prequels

Why are there prequels?  I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls, the prequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Why did Steve Hockensmith decide that there should be a book before PPZ?  Why did someone decide to make Monsters University?  The Star Wars prequel trilogy? Why did Robert Jordan write New Spring? Why did James Dashner write The Kill Order?  I'm not sure if I'm into prequels.  Part of what I enjoy about novels and movies is the unexpected, the possibility of a twist. While I'm enjoying Dawn of the Dreadfuls I know that Lizzy isn't going to end up with the Doctor or the Master... Jane will not end up with the Lord or the Lieutenant.  So, thoughI enjoy the story and characters, it lacks surprise.  Do I need surprise in every story?  I wonder what others think.

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