Sunday, November 1, 2015

Last Week #47 - Halloween Takes Over

You know what happens when you buy the wrong Ninja Turtle costume for you son? Yes? So, I had to go back to Party City to exchange it. Which was actually a fine experience. The people there were helpful and the exchange happened pretty quick. There was no wandering around, just talked to the employees and got what I needed. Also, apparently for the week before Halloween, they're open until midnight! That's crazy! Why does anyone need to go there that late? It must be worth it for them though.

In other news, I went to my writer's group on Tuesday, which was an interesting one. The person handling the bulk of the prompts decided to make them Halloween themed. The first one was to focus on dialogue, the second on the description of the main character from the first prompt. There were a couple other good prompts, it was a nice couple hours of writing. I thought I'd include a bit from the second part of the prompt, unedited, totally rough.

Dark-hair, twisting in her fingers, dark eyes staring out at the night. Flared jeans, the cuffs flap against her legs. Red shirt, long, she pulls at the hem. Black leather jacket, classic, old and well-loved. She touches the softness and things of her sister, who gave it to her before she died. She zips up her boots before grabbing her back of supplies masquerading as a purse.

She walks down the street with purpose, trying not to stomp. She glances quickly into the store-front windows, taking inventory, judging. Her eyes dart from face-to-face, taking inventory, judging. She doesn’t know where she’ll stop today. She pauses at a red light and takes a deep breath, gathering up the scents of care exhaust, perfumes, sweat and worry.

She feels the pull of anxiety, she looks quickly around her before the light changes. She sees a girl, maybe only a couple years younger than herself. Too much mascara and peroxide. She bites at her lip, the girl does too. The light changes and the girl moves, she falls into step behind her.

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