Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last Week #48 - All About One Story

I went to my writers group this week. It was great, I was really happy with my writing. I got a really great reaction to what I wrote to one of the prompts too. It made me feel amazing and embarrassed. Everyone was staring at me silently for a moment when I was done reading the piece. Of course, I thought that meant it sucked. Then one of the wonderful women at the group was like, we're quiet because we're stunned and want to know more. Then I wanted to shrink into myself. I was happy, but, well, also wanted to hide. 

Of the four prompts I wrote to this week, three ended up involving characters in my current work in progress. After the session, I also found myself even more connected with the novel. I'm excited to see how my story develops. 

Also, I'm not including that piece here because I'm still weirdly embarrassed.

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