Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Week #9 - Non-Fiction Draft Done!

I finished my most recent draft of my non-fiction.  I'm so excited that it's finally done.  I feel like I've been working on it for ages.  I'm putting it aside now, as I always do when I finish a draft.  Then I'll come back to it in about a week.  I'll go over it, I think, one more time.  Then I'll be making a query letter.  I'm very excited and also scared.  What will happen to my little non-fiction book?  I can't think about it too much right now, or else I'll drive myself crazy. 

Here's a little snippet: 

They shut down, went out of business.  I heard from a store owner in the same plaza, that one day a big truck showed up and emptied everything from inside.  They broke a contract with one of their suppliers (or something like that) and some of their equipment was perhaps repossessed?  I wouldn't be surprised, but that's rumour and speculation.  All I know for certain is that they are no longer in business and this happened not long after I was laid-off.  The owners had been local, but maybe they moved away.  I haven’t seen them since my last day.

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