Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Random #19

Sometimes I wonder if I should print out all the story bits I have on my computer. There are loads of files. Some are transcribed from my notebooks, some are ideas that have popped into my head while working on something else, others...I'm not sure where they've come from.  So, I have all these files.  A lot of them.  I continue to put things, save things, on my computer so that I know they're safe.  They're also easier to find if I want a certain something, versus flipping through the stack of used notebooks.  But should I print them out, put them in a folder maybe, so that I can casually open it up, grab a piece of paper, and continue?  Would I come back to these half-formed ideas if they were more tangible, existed more physically?

I'm about to type up another one of those pieces.  A great beginning to perhaps a short story, I think.  I want to finish it, I want to finish all of them. Maybe I will print them out, make myself my own little book of ideas and beginnings.  I like to think that they all have potential.

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