Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last Week #17 - Novel Update

I've been slowly getting to work on my latest project.  Something about this novel is giving me the drive to finish it, to connect all the pieces I've created and make a coherent whole.  I know that somethings will have to be cut, as I look at all the short files on my computer; there's no way they will all make sense.  I also feel like I know my main character now, better than I ever have before.  I understand her, whether or not I agree with her actions.  I think that might be what I needed with this story all along, to understand my main character.  

I'm trying not to worry about marketing right now.  That's for later, right?  I need to focus on the story, though I get distracted by all the marketing and writing sites.  And by Twitter (though I enjoy Twitter).  

I thought I'd give you a sample of a scrap I found recently.  I was flipping through last year's notebook and found this page.  It's short, a scribble, really.  I don't even know if it will end up in the final piece and it needs editing, but I think I like what it is trying to say.

I didn’t know if I should follow him.  

He had woken while I was getting dressed.  I couldn’t stay any longer, coming up with an excuse for leaving so early as I looked for all my clothes. I watched him get out of his bed.  He kissed me, softly, on the cheek. I watched him walk confidently to the bathroom and heard the water turn on. I was pulling on my last sock when the phone rang, loud in the darkened room.  He was throwing on a robe as he walked, still dry, to his phone.  The steam from the bathroom drifting out to find me.

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