Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Random #33 - Skype

I'm had my first Skype interview this morning.  As some may have previously read, I lost my job just under a year ago.  I decided to be picky with my job hunting.  I was tired of ending up in the same situation.  During this time, I finished my non-fiction (which is about job loss), and spent some amazing quality time with my young children.  Though I would be happy staying at home with the kids and working on my writing, the money is about to run out.  So, I need a job.  I'd like a job not like the jobs, which inspired my non-fiction.  I'd like something I can rely on a little more.

The Skype interview, as an option, I was all for it.  I didn't have to get a babysitter.  I barely had to change my clothes!  I put on some makeup, brushed my hair, threw a blazer over my grey shirt, that's it.  I'm still wearing leggings and wool socks!  The woman I spoke with was nice.  I tried to look at the camera instead of the screen, because I do find it a bit weird when the person at the screen isn't looking at you (but they are, so you know, weird.)  It went like any other interview, we talked about the usual stuff.  I didn't have to drive anywhere, worry about being late or getting stuck in traffic.  If I could find a job where I could work from home in the same fashion, it would be amazing.

So, Skype, I kind of loved using it this way.

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