Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Random #56 - More Social Media Thoughts

I've recently been thinking about social media again since I've come to learn that Instagram has just about as many users as Twitter. Right now my social media consists of Twitter, two blogs and a sprinkling of Pinterest (I use Pinterest for myself, but I also post things I hope others will enjoy.) I know people who own their own businesses and use social media very actively. They have commented about how much work being active on social media can actually be when you're trying to promote your presence or product, while still being interesting and engaging. I also feel that using social media should be at least in some part fun. I think the possibility for fun exists with using Instagram and since I have recently purchased a new phone, the idea has become more attractive. But still I resist. How much time would using Instagram consume, when I often feel that I don't ever have enough. I am totally over-thinking it, aren't I?  If I want to use Instagram, I should just use it and post when I feel like it. Am I right?

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