Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last Week #32 - From Behind A Tree

I did a bunch of writing just this past Friday.  It was good, not enough, but good.  June is just such a busy month.  I have to sneak time in whenever I can.  I worked on my outline mostly, but I also squeezed out a little paragraph about my main character being unsure of the man she thought was the hero of the tale. Here is just a little bit, I skimmed it, but it isn't edited:

I stood behind a tree, those urban, specifically placed, carefully pruned trees.  It was old enough, the trunk was think enough, that he couldn’t see me watching him.  He was sitting at a table by the window, staring down at his cup.  The sun shined through the widow, highlighting his face, but I wasn’t sure what I saw anymore.  He was handsome, even desperate still.  He was still a beautiful man, part of me wanted to run into his arms and live a storybook life.  We would defeat whatever evil was plaguing him and live together, happily, forever.  The other part of me, the sensible part that had a real life with a good job and great friends, thought, run.

I like it.  I think this scene is going to be part of a sequence of moments that will be a turning point for the character.

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