Thursday, June 4, 2015

Random #48 - Are These Books in the Same Series?

I am currently reading Clay's Ark, the third book in Octavia E. Butler's Patternmaster series.  Books one and two took place very far apart, from the time of slavery to the twentieth century. I expected something similar with this one, maybe a century or two into the future, especially after reading the synopsis.  I have read a couple chapters of Clay's Ark, I can't figure out how they relate, except for the fact that "Clay" was a minor character in Mind of My Mind, the second book.  It's a little frustrating.  I was really excited by the possibility of actually seeing Clay.  He was a great character, interesting and likeable.  Maybe at some point we will find out why the ship was named "Clay's Ark" and thereby find out what happened to him.

The story itself is fine.  If I was reading it alone, not as a part the Pattermaster series, it wouldn't really bother me.  So far, the actual plot is fine.  I like Blake and his daughters.  The plague is interesting.  I'm not fully on board with the motivation, but that might be because I'm only a quarter through the book.  Bah!  It's just really bothering me that the book has no mention of Doro yet.  There has been no mention of Mary and the community she created. I am sure there will be something that links this book to the first two.  I just hope it is soon.

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