Sunday, June 28, 2015

Last Week #34 - Writing Takes A Back Seat To Hair

I was going to focus mostly on writing, as I typically do in my Last Week posts. It was a busy week. The last week of school always is. I didn't get a ton of writing time, but I did make it to my last Freeflow Writing Group meeting before summer break. It was good; just what I needed amidst a June dominated by dishes and laundry. I thought about typing out a bit of what I wrote, but I'm too sad for that. 

What I really need to talk about is my hair. Through my life when I was less confident about my appearance, I had my hair. It was long, shiny and beautiful. I've cut it occasionally, donating long ponytails on multiple occasions, but never have I come out of a haircut wishing I could change my mind. I feels as though if I were to write out my feeling, I might cry.  So I thought I'd try this instead...

First I was:

Then I was:

On the outside I was:

But on the inside I was:

With a little:

My 6-year-old daughter went with me for a cut for a haircut of her own and while her hair looks nice enough, they didn't do what I asked. My Hubby and I have discussed taking her back, but she doesn't want to go. I'm not going to force her.  She's happy and it doesn't look terrible.  My Hubby just feels like we shouldn't be paying so much money for me to be so unhappy.  I know it's just hair and it'll grow back.  It is just going to take much too long.

PS: I got the Disney gif app for my phone and I kind of love it.

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